I wanted to thank you all for coming to our blog.  This blog is something the kids and I have been working on for a while.  We will tackle day to day events and we will have some fun posts thrown in by the kids too!

Here’s our backstory:

I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA with two brothers and my parents.  We have a rather large family and it just keeps growing to this day!  I was a single mom in the Army when I had my teenager after deploying once.  I went to Fort Riley, KS where I deployed again, met the man who would adopt my oldest and give me three more beautiful babies, and where my life as a mother of three began.  We then moved to Florida where I had our final little guy who is now three.  The marriage didn’t work out, but these babies and I now live in Canton, GA and we have been loving our new beginning together.  While raising our babies I graduated from undergrad and graduate school and I now have my own business I’m slowly building up.

I use the organizational skills I learned from being a Sunday school teacher, a child in a family of three children, and my time in the Army to make sure the kids and I don’t miss anything.  Our lives have been chaotic lately as I adjust to living on my own in our own house with my four babies, two dogs, and three guinea pigs.  We go on adventures every weekend and try to make memories every chance we can. Our house is constantly needing reorganization and purging, so that’s always an ongoing task.

My kids are huge into gaming, YouTube, swimming, hiking, and playing whatever sports they can, so they will be posting on here as well!  I’ll be posting about my fitness and diet (hahaha, “diet”), my future educational goals (you can never have too many degrees!), and motherhood.  We have a huge support system of friends and family who have helped us with this transition and we look forward to engaging everyone in a new way!




1 thought on “Welcome!

  1. Nice to meet you! That is neat that you’re doing this with your kids. I look forward to following your journey! 💖

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