Stephanie’s Story

Stephanie loved her husband. They had three children together. He was a very intelligent workaholic but she figured there were definitely worse things for him to be addicted to. She found out they were pregnant with their first baby and he decided to leave her right after the doctor’s visit and went right back to work. She felt alone but thought it was true love. He just had to work to support them.

She kept on working on herself, as she had her own demons. Her father was an alcoholic and she never got the love from him she longed for. She kept trying to find that love elsewhere. She always fell for the man with the grand gestures or words…or the man who seemed hard to get. She fell for her husband’s family. She loved them and they made her feel like their daughter. They got her gifts, called her, tagged her on social media, etc. They told her how much better than any other woman she was. She believed them. She believed she was the best thing ever for her husband and through thick & thin she was determined to make it work.

Her husband had his own demons. The medical field can do that to you. He saw things that most people don’t see. He had to pull the trigger. He would have nightmares about pulling the trigger but refused to get help. She got help for herself but spent most of her sessions asking for help to deal with him until her therapist finally told her she needed to leave. She didn’t listen. She knew their family was destined to be kept together, no matter what.

She finally got to a spot where she had enough. She was tired of being the one to remember every holiday or birthday. She was tired of the love notes that didn’t match his actions. She was tired of being considered the bad guy. She was tired of the lies about money, women, etc. She was tired of losing the fight. She was tired of never being a priority. She finished school and found an amazing job. She waited and worked on finances for both of them until it was too unhealthy for their three kids.

Then, one day, he started accusing her of being the reason for the affairs, lies, and money issues. He started blaming her for every issue. He had his friends lie for him. He had his family lie for him. Still, she wanted what was best for her kids. The last thing they needed was to be away from a parent. Or so she thought.

They’re now divorced for almost 10 years now. They both got remarried and had additional children. His new wife is doing everything Stephanie tried. She sends the gifts. She reminds him of things. She decorates their house. She plans lunches and dates whenever possible. She gave up her family and friends to follow him. She is the one the kids talk to more than him. She’s the best stepmother Stephanie could have ever asked for…and she was the final mistress. She was his second choice after Stephanie was done forgiving his lies. Stephanie was done letting her daughters see him disrespect her time after time.

Stephanie’s daughter Bella told her last night at dinner, unprovoked, that a husband should never have eyes for another woman.

Stephanie felt an inner peace like never before.

The kids know.

They always know.

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