8 Things My Kids Say

As a Mother I have heard numerous things uttered from my kid’s mouths. Here’s my list of 8 things I want you to be prepared to hear!

1. I am moving out!

This threat starts at around age 4…and if you don’t hear it you’ve gotta tell me your tricks! Shockingly the minute you help packing the kid’s bags they apologize & cuddle with you for days afterwards…

2. I hate you!

Man…if I had a penny for every time I’ve heard this…most of the time it’s because I took away precious electronics but boy do they do their best cleaning after I hear this phrase!

3. I want to change my name.

Yes, and many times it’s to the ugliest name imaginable…but printing out the paperwork for them to fill out helps them realize it’s just too much work!

4. You’re the worst mom ever.

Funny…that’s not what you said earlier today when we made oobleck or you cuddled with me and asked me to braid your hair…

5. I don’t clean anymore.

Um…you’re five. Why must you little dictators think you know how to run your own lives already???

6. Go ahead! Take away my electronics. I don’t care.

Trust me…within minutes they will be doing the right thing. Silence is your best friend right now…

7. You’re not my real Mommy!

Again…they come back around & they’ll be all up in your business within minutes…and you’ll never be able to poop alone again.

8. I’m so sorry I acted the way I did; I know you have always had my best interests in mind.

It’s very difficult for kids with parents that live far apart. Add in the dynamics of parents who swore to the kids they’d be new people & better apart & it’s confusing to them. Especially when years pass and their parents still don’t even talk. Grace goes a long way. Forgiveness works too. Kids have bad days, just like us. They’re still learning so when mine say they’re sorry & come back around I extend grace. They deserve that.

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